Lesson Study Network

What is Lesson Study?

Lesson study is a collaboration-based teacher professional development that originated in Japan. In lesson study, teachers set goals, plan a lesson, teach a lesson, debrief the lesson, and reflect on their own learning.

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In the process, the teachers have multiple opportunities to deeply think about aspects of teaching, express/expose what they may not be sure about, ask questions to and get answers from their peers and knowledgeable others, and continuously discuss and learn more about student learning of the content at hand together. Lesson study places teachers in the center of the professional process, and it supports teachers’ professional growth by helping develop 1) knowledge and beliefs, 2) professional community, and 3) resources.

I believe that lesson study allows teachers to identify what they need to know, and then gives them the time and the peer’s support to go and find that out, which is far more effective professional development than someone who does not know the teacher, or their children, or their situation coming to tell them what they should know. So, I believe that lesson study helps make teaching a true profession in that the teacher can decide what they need to know and then pursue it. (Becky)

And what I’ve learned a lot from lesson study–that’s really so important–is to listen to kids, how they speak. Because they have taught me so much about the way I teach, by listening to them talk. (Sue)

Well, I learned a lot about fractions this time, more than just ‘here’s an algorithm, here’s what you do’…I probably learned more about content than anything else this time because I was trying to understand it rather than just teach it. (Stephanie Hajdin)

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The Purpose of Lesson Study Network (LSN)

It provides information on our ongoing research projects and share published papers and presentations. New and developing knowledge will be shared with broader teacher and lesson study groups.

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The Lesson Study Network collaborates with the MyLS virtual Lesson Study Portal. Through MyLS access, lesson study groups will be provided materials and resources to support their lesson study effort.  Each group’s agenda will build continuously on own reflection and questions.

… For groups who are new to lesson study, you will find easy-to-follow meeting guidelines that take you through the process. 

… For experienced lesson study groups, you are guided to deeply think about student learning in research lessons and classroom practices, to improve instructional practices through lesson study. 

… For teacher leaders lesson study groups, you will find additional opportunities to learn how to facilitate your groups’ learning.

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